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silahkan yang mau download ost brilliant legacy

nih link buat download ost brilliant legacy.....

opening brilliant legacy:
sarangeun bolida love is punishment:
spring rain:
hwanireul jamara get hwan:
uriga gajukini are we family:
noege ganeungil-the road to you:
the person who lives in my heart:
crazy in love:
will you marry me-lee seung gi:

Han Chae Young for Stonehenge

Actress Han Chae Young, sometimes referred to as the “Korea’s Barbie,” reunites with jewelry brand Stonehenge to model for their sparkly products.

The Korean Barbie made her debut in 2000 as an actress and she looks as beautiful as ever. If you can recall, she had a small role last year in the hit drama Boys Over Flowers. She’s taken a 4 year hiatus from starring in a TV drama and she’s currently busy preparing a comeback of sorts as she prepares to have a leading role in the upcoming MBC drama The Man Called God. Not only that, but she’ll also appear with Korea’s Hallyu megastar Lee Byung Hun in the movie Influence.

As she graces the pictures with perfect elegance, Han Chae Young posing for Stonehenge is only a quick teaser of what seems to be her big comeback, so stay tuned!

source: allkpop

CNBLUE rocks out on Music Bank

Can you ever get enough of this song? CNBLUE’s I’m a loner is pretty damn timeless. I can listen to this track on repeat for an entire week and still never get tired of it.

Jung Yonghwa’s smooth vocals and amazing performance tonight, once again proved that although they are rookies, they truly deserved their win a few weeks back.

source: allkpop

Big Bang releases Lollipop 2 + CF!

Last year Big Bang teamed up with LG Cyon to promote the sweet Lollipop phone. Now they return with Lollipop 2 as the full sequel track has been released!

The previous Lollipop campaign was a definite success for the boys and helped ease in their sister group 2NE1, who also benefited greatly from the advertisement. And even though it’s not another Big Bang – 2NE1 pair up, it’s still great to hear something new from the group.

2NE1 may not be here to add their feminine touch but Big Bang still keeps the energy alive with their cute outfits and vibrant colors. Former 1TYM leader Teddy produced the song and with the help of G-Dragon and T.O.P., they composed and wrote the song together.

So which version do you guys like better, last year’s version or the sequel? And who will be the new Lollipop Girl?

source: allkpop

Kamis, 28 Januari 2010

Hwang Jung Eum is the new CF queen

Despite her health at the moment, Hwang Jung Eum should be happy, now that she’s a millionaire.
A company representative said “With the fame that High Kick through the Roof is bringing her, lovecalls for CF’s are pouring in. Just from CF’s, she made around 2,300,000,000 WON in 3 months.”
In 2009, Hwang Jung Eum returned with We Got Married, before her popularity soared with High Kick through the Roof. She has been in CFs for noodles, makeup, fashion, credit cards, and much more. Hwang Jung Eum also picked up a CF that Kim Tae Hee usually models for, reinforcing that she can roll with the best of them.

Kang Ji Hwan gets blacklisted

With the contract issues between Kang Ji Hwan and Jambo Entertainment yet to be resolved, the Corea Entertainment Management Association has ordered Kang Ji Hwan to stop all entertainment activities from now on.
In a nutshell, Kang Ji Hwan had signed up with a new agency on his own at the end of 2009, despite having a few months to go, before his contract with Jambo Entertainment ends. This led to a lawsuit being filed by Jambo Entertainment against Kang Ji Hwan for breach of contract.
The Corea Entertainment Management Association had been trying to act as a mediator and asked for a response by 27th January but they did not get any from Kang Ji Hwan nor his new agency.
The Corea Entertainment Management Association said in a statement
“Kang Ji Hwan had signed with a new agency in December 2009, despite still being contracted to Jambo Entertainment. This is not a simple matter of breaking the contract terms, but violating the basic trust between an artist and an agency. This action also threatens to destroy the basic foundations of valuing money over trust. We will not tolerate this act.”
The Corea Entertainment Management Association has state that they will ask Kang Ji Hwan’s new agency to assume full responsibility for this matter and wants Kang Ji Hwan to stop all forms of activities until it is resolved.

source: allkpop

Kim So Eun speaks about her new drama role

The press conference for the new KBS1TV daily drama, A Good Day for the Wind to Blow was held on the 27th, where the cast and key production members met the media to promote their drama.
Actress Kim So Eun who will be leading a drama for the first time in her career, gave her thoughts about starring in a daily drama, which turns talents into big-name stars.
“I feel burdened but yet happy at the same time. It’s a drama where I am the main focal point, so I have to pay more attention to details and do a lot more.
The director has placed a huge burden on me to gain weight, so I kept eating and eating, but I still can’t put on any weight.
I will be working 100x harder than my previous dramas because it’s my first leading role and my first in the new year.”
As for the ratings, So Eun said,
“I think it will do better than the previous (Jolly Widows). My co-star, Jin Lee Han said 40%, and I think it’s possible to give that a shot.”
The drama premieres on 1st February.

source: allkpop

Rabu, 27 Januari 2010

Big Bang misses their Korean fans

Big Bang has been MIA in the kpop scene, due to the boys’ album and concert promotions in Japan. However, despite their busy schedules in Japan, Big Bang has not forgotten their beloved VIPs in their mother country of Korea. Recently, the boys revealed some interesting tidbits regarding their Korean fans and activities on UFO Radio.
Question: The word/phrase that Big Bang uses the most.
Seungri: “I miss you like crazy.” We aren’t doing any album promotions in Korea, so we can’t see our fans as much. Thus, we say, “I miss you” a lot … Because we are always moving around, there are times when I feel lonely and tired, and those are the times when I miss our Korean fans the most.
Statement: Your cooking skills must have improved a lot because of Family Outing.
Daesung: Read his response from a previous article!
Taeyang, who gained even more love with Wedding Dress, stated, “I think it would be awful if I had to play a song for my love’s wedding, like in my song Wedding Dress.”
As a group, Big Bang stated, “We will return to our fans soon as a better Big Bang, so we hope that you fans will be as strong as you guys miss us.”
Check out the radio guest appearance on UFO’s site!

Source: mydaily

Selasa, 26 Januari 2010

Kim Kibum Speaks Up About His Absence From Super Junior

The quiet and MIA member of Super Junior, Kim Kibum, revealed his feelings on rumors about him withdrawing from the boy band. In a recent interview, he was asked whether or not it upset him that he couldn’t promote the album with his members. He answered, “I get over my sorrow about not being able to work with my members by acting.”
Kibum debuted as an actor in 2004 and as a singer in 2005 so he’s been an actor longer than he has been a SuJu member. He was active as a member of Super Junior for six years, so when he wasn’t present for promotions of Super Junior’s 3rd album Sorry Sorry, people began to question his status in the group, wondering if the celebrity had withdrawn. It’s been around a year since he’s worked with the members of Super Junior. However, Kibum explained that his absence on stage didn’t mean that he wasn’t a part of Super Junior.
“Because I’m not on stage a lot, people say [that I'm the mysterious member of Super Junior],” Kibum said. “I focus on acting so I may look a bit mysterious.”
When asked about what his dream for the future, he said, “I want to be a good person, a perfect person. Of course I want to become a great actor. I look up to Song Kang Ho, Sul Kyung Goo and Choi Min Shik.”
So I guess Kibum does still think about Super Junior often. It’d be nice to see him with the rest of the members on stage pretty soon. The only thing that bothers me is that all the members have their solo activities but Kibum is the only one that is unable to make compromises.

source: allkpop

3 Actors + 1 Comedian down with swine flu

Swine flu is back and attacking our Korean entertainers, again!
Our High Kick Through the Roof star, Hwang Jung Eum, was taken straight to the hospital during the filming of an episode due to her swine flu diagnosis. Following suit, her two co-stars Daniel Choi and Yoon Si Yoon went to the hospital as well to get tested for the virus.
Highkick’s PD, Kim Byung Wook, stated, “We were not able to finish filming all of Hwang Jung Eum’s take today (26th). As of right now, we are waiting for a phone call from Hwang Jung Eum’s side. We are going to have to figure out a new schedule to make things work.
It has been reported that Hwang Jung Eum insisted that she go out to finish filming the episode, but everyone around her has been stopping her for the sake of her health. However, if she is not able to finish the filming, February’s first episode may get delayed.
Aside from our actors, comedian Yoo Sae Yoon has also been diagnosed with swine flu.
Yoo Sae Yoon has been suffering from cold-like symptoms from the 21st. He finally got checked out and was diagnosed positive on the 26th.
He has been getting a lot of rest since his diagnosis as well as treatment, and it has been reported that he is recovering quickly. However, he will still miss filming for his shows.
A representative stated, “There is a filming set for the 27th, but it seems likely that we are going to have to get another guest. But as of now, nothing has been decided.”
Just when everything seemed calm in 2010, swine flu comes back into the scene! Hopefully, the virus will stop at this point, instead of going through another crazy chain reaction.

source: allkpop

Senin, 25 Januari 2010

Kim Bum with difference hairs

wow, nih kim bum tampil dengan rambut yang berbeda, tapi kelihatannya gimana gitu. Aura lemah lembutnya udah terganti jadi terlihat lebih enerjik gitu. Muka Kim Bum terlihat lebih tegas. Tapi menurut gw model rambut seperti itu nggak cocok deh, hehehe Jadi kaya anak punk :D

Can Kim So Eun make KBS proud?

We are just less than two weeks away from the premiere of KBS1TV’s new daily drama, A Good Day for the Wind to Blow and there’s huge anticipation from fans.
The reason is largely due to the fact that it stars Kim So Eun in a leading role and is another of those stories that centers around a young girl who has a wretched beginning but make good at the end of the day.
If you recall, KBS has a good history of churning out such dramas in the past starring young female stars. Goo Hye Sun with Pure 19 and Yoona with You Are My Destiny in 2006 and 2008 respectively. All the dramas have similar themes and posted huge ratings. So will KBS strike gold for the 3rd time in 6 years?
Stay tuned to find out when it starts on 1st February

Source: allkpop

Goo Hye Sun akan berperan sebagai orang botak dan gemuk

Goo Hye Sun gave her thoughts on how far she would go for a acting role.
In a recent interview on KBS 2TV’s Entertainment Tonight the star was asked about the lengths she was willing to go for her craft.
“I’d would gain a lot a weight if a role required it” said the actress. “If the character needed it, I could gain up to 10kg. I’ve done this on my own anyways” she laughs. “I would even go bald for a role. But I’d really have to think a lot before taking off my clothes for a role.”
I’m not to sure about the weight gain or baldness, but I’m all for the nudity. Tastefully done of course.

Source: allkpop

Hot News about F.T.ISLAND gets robbed

F.T. Island’s staff members were robbed of personal items on the 23rd at their concert.
F.T.Island was performing for their Pusan concert and did not end things well. Their company stated, “At the Pusan concert, while the dancers were on stage, money, cell phones, and the make up box disappeared. We called the police but right now we are in Seoul.”
I guess their Asia tour is not starting off with a bang. Hopefully these items will be recovered & future concerts will be much better. Good luck to F.T. Island and their company members!

Source: allkpop

Siapakah Cewek berikutnya yang beruntung berakting dengan Lee Min Hoo ??

We reported that Lee Minho would be playing a pseudo gay character for his upcoming MBC drama Personal Taste. In the drama, Lee Min Ho fakes being gay so he could be a roommate of a girl he likes.
Now, who’s the lucky lady that gets to act beside Lee Minho? It’s none other than the beautiful Son Ye Jin. Lee Minho’s character’s name is Jun Jin Ho and Son Ye Jin’s character’s name is Park Gae Il.
It’s been almost two years since we’ve seen Son Ye Jin in a drama so many of her fans are pretty excited. You will all have to wait till April to start watching this anticipated drama.

Source: allkpop

Intinya, Lee min Ho akan berakting dengan Son Ye Jin. Dalam drama PSEUDO GAY CHARACTER yang di produksi oleh MBC, dia berperan sebagai Jun Jin Ho dan Son Ye Jin berperan sebagai Park Gae. Kalian dapat melihat perannya yang akan di launchingkan bulan april. So tunggu aja acting Lee Min Ho selanjutnya :D
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